What Creativity Means to the Poet Maxine Tynes

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Sarah Diaz
Mar. 21, 2013
Mr. Dishart

Essay #1: I am Maxine Tynes

Many can suggest their own interpretation of what creativity is and where it may come from. Creativity is thought to be a gifted skill that only certain people can possess however; others disagree and instead believe that creativity can be developed through everyday life. Maxine Tynes in the personal essay I am Tynes explains what creativity is in her own words. Maxine states that creativity is not something that is “chosen” but instead is sculpted throughout life, love, thought and feeling. I personally agree with Maxine Tynes because truthfully, if one can set their mind on something while devoting themselves to it with passion and reason, anyone can have the ability to succeed in something they once thought was impossible. Not all writers went through university or college or were born an English writing prodigy in order to receive the credentials of becoming a creative and successful writer; true successful writers are born from the very same raw and free-spirited urge to write. Maxine is a perfect example of a creative and free spirited writer- a writer who does not think about their thoughts before writing it on paper. In this essay, you will explore Maxine’s main inspirations that contribute to her self-defined creativity found within her poetry.

Firstly, Maxine Tynes, the poet, discovered that the creative process was not chosen consciously by her but instead is collected from her experiences with love, life, thought and feeling. The poet states, “It is not selected from a list of choices of being perhaps a clerk, a stonemasons, a nurse or doctor, or a weaver.” The previous quotation that can be inferred by many, shows the affirmative stance in the authors voice by trying to persuade the readers into believing that writing isn’t about structure or about the authors amazing credentials; it is about the natural uncontrollable urge to write freely about any thoughts,...
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