What Could You Live Without

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What could you live without?

Walking down the hallway, I was thinking about the topic “What could you live without” and I couldn’t think of many things. Things that we used in our life basically charge an important role of a human society. For example, foods, water, shelter, smart phone, clothes, computers and etc. As I was reading “What could you live without?” by Nicholas Kristof, it prompted a lot of ideas. I looked around my house and all the stuffs that I have is the stuff that we need it or we keep it because it want it. In the past two years people have been good about giving away clothes, exercise machines, a TV, used laptops, and other items that were just sitting around the house gathering dusts. While reading the story, I can feel that how bad Hanna wants to help the poverties by selling their big house and donates money just for people who need other people’s hand. Feeling how she wants to help other peoples and give them a hand have me a weird and strange feeling of it, because I never thinking of helping other peoples.

Changing the position with poverty and I, I never thinking of thanks for my parents or anyone that who provides me things that I needed, because I thought that was rightful for the teenagers. I’ve got everything I want in my hand and if I couldn’t get it, I teased my parents for them to buy the stuffs that I want it. I had grown up like this, so if I was in Hanna’s position, I would never thinking of helping others or never care about poor peoples in the world. But I would feel sympathy to the poverties. I am a very greedy person who doesn’t want to give up luxury cars, big houses, money or my life. Thinking of giving up things for other peoples, I suddenly realize that last year I wanted to have UGGS. I wanted to get UGGs because it’s not pretty, because it’s not comfortable, it’s just because every girls in school ware UGGs. That was the only reason that I wanted to get UGGs and same thing for smart phone. The reason why I...
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