What Contribution Can the Concept of ‘Community’ Make to Increase Our Understanding of the Importance of Sport in Society? Discuss This Question with Reference to at Least Three Different Theoretical Perspectives.

Topics: Sociology, Community, Liverpool F.C. Pages: 7 (2411 words) Published: March 7, 2013
What contribution can the concept of ‘community’ make to increase our understanding of the importance of sport in society? Discuss this question with reference to at least three different theoretical perspectives. |Identify and discuss the key sociological debates around the changing nature and meaning of community; |40% | | | | |Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, structural and situational factors and social processes | | |affecting people’s engagement with ‘community’ in sport settings, using examples; |20% | | | | |Demonstrate an ability to reflect on community and its role in sport and society; | | | | | |Make effective use of written English and the Harvard system for referencing and bibliography |20% | | | | |Total | | | |20% | | | | | | | | |100% |

The word Community is ever present in modern day society; it seems to be mentioned by sports clubs, the police, the press and even politicians including the prime minster on occasion. Although the word community is used commonly in many different sectors of society, the actual concept of what a community entails is yet to be unanimously sociologically defined. The mainstream ideas of community focus around a group of people who have something in common with one another which differentiates their group to members of other groups. This relates almost perfectly to fans of sport clubs. Supporters of one team have their team in common with each other which making them different to other team's fans. Sociology identifies three key dimensions of the concept community. One of these being Locale or place community. This is where people have something in common that is understood to be geographical. An example of this in sporting terms is that the majority of sport clubs represent a geographical location which in turn makes that team part of the areas community. A further key dimension of community is the idea of interest. In these communities, people share a common characteristic. Factors such as Religious belief, occupation and sexual orientation, as well as others, determine the members of the community. An example of this in sport would be a group of people traveling to the mountains to go rock climbing. Although the climbers have no geographical allegiance to mountains they are climbing, they all share the characteristic of enjoying rock climbing. The third key dimension is communion. This is where members have a sense of belonging or attachment to something that cannot be put down solely to shared characteristics or locale. A sporting example of this key dimension would be football fans...
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