What Challenges Do Young Manager Face, Compared to Older One?

Topics: Management, Critical thinking, The A-Team Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Nowadays, for many young managers, they face some challenges when starting to run their work at the first time. For instance, if you were a team manager, you would think your best to find a way to get your team members to identify problems when doing the business work. Moreover, you would help them to come up with solutions for these problems or approval, and it would be a difficult task. In addition, young managers are always thought to be less effective because they are young and have no experience. But in fact, a young manager can cross age barrier with trust: “what if you were a very capable younger manager with full of creativities, and you could fire up all employees for your first real management opportunity, only to experience great hardship because an sponsor or the experienced people won't take you seriously?” Beside, are there credibility challenges a younger manager would face when stepping in to manage a company that are in hard time? He or she may wonder why people in my company don't take me seriously because of my age, a common feeling when everything else seems so hard. In common, the youth creates a problem of respect. You know you can do the work, but because you are young and people seem to do make quick judgments, so it may take a longer time to prove yourself. On the other hand, almost young managers have fresh energy and new perspective, and they are so active and creative that companies find values at their management ability. Therefore, young managers are said to be the people that can make the innovation in the modern and competitive business commercial at this time.
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