What Causes Stress in Students? How Does Stress Affect Students?

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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In today’s education systems ranging from elementary to tertiary level, students are faced with several challengers. As a matter of fact the most common being what is rated as the world’s second deadliest killer, STRESS! Besides there are several things that cause stress in students and in addition an equally number of reasons of how it affects them. Both negative and positive events can cause stress in students. Family events often take a toll and are often a source of stress for students such as the breakup of families. In fact other events such as physical abuse either by parents, teacher or peers can also negatively affect students. Likewise separation, rejection, and fights within the home are some other negative sources of stress.

Furthermore, events such as a death of a parent, grandparent, or sibling can also create stress. This negative stress is also present within the school environment and often presents itself when students are placed under pressure from their peers to do things that they may have serious consequences. For instance if you ask the average student he or she will probably rate studying for exams the number one contributor to stress at school.

Positive events also cause stress in students and these may include going to parties where they are often debarred from attending due to parent restrictions. This may be dependent on the persons in attendants, travel arrangement and location. Another cause is new fashion where a student is determined on wearing the latest fashion trend and is restricted from doing so because of its vulgar appearance.

All of these positive and negative effects have a big impact on student’s lives. Firstly, family events often scare a student for life and prolong stress. The effects of this often results in peculiar behavior such as anger or excessive aggressiveness, detachment, agitation and some lethargy.

Secondly, other events such as family loses, peer pressure and studying for exams also have...
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