What Causes Stress, Effects and Solution to Stress

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  • Published: July 25, 2012
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TOPIC: Explain the causes of stresses.
Life is full of expectations, commitments, deadlines, frustrations and demands. People are faced with stress every day that it has become a way of life. Stress is a response to evens that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some ways. According to Gilabert (2007:10) stress is defined as an emotional reaction occurring in the presence of certain stimuli that usually trigger the body’s coping mechanisms to face the new circumstance. Stress is caused by different factors, situations and pressure that are face by an individual. The situations and pressure that causes stress are known as stressors. Stress is not a sickness but it can have serious effects to the body. What causes stress depends, at least in part, on your perception of it (smith, et.al.2012:3). That is, if you are faced with a situation and you think of it negatively, then it will have negative effects, thus, if you look at it positively, then it will turn out to have positive effects. This paper will explain the external causes of stress and internal causes of stress. Content

External factors of stress
Major life change is one of the external factors of stress. There are many life changes that causes stress some are positive and some are negative, however both causes stress. Negative major life changes are events such as death of a spouse, divorce, marriage pregnancy and so on. People who are faced with such problems have more pressure and worries that mostly stay with them for a very long time. This causes stress and sometimes leads to serious illnesses. According to Spielberger (1979:25) “an incompatible, conflict ridden relationship between husband and wife can be an unending source of stress”. Most couple find that they have different interest after settling together. This causes ongoing arguments which leads to divorce and separation. Furthermore, positive life changes are events such as outstanding personal achievements and taking a holiday (Spielberger1979:31). With the positive life event people may get stress because of the over excitements and high esteems. For some people when they are over excited they think a lot about their achievements and even sometimes forgot to take food and get good sleep. As a result they ended up having stress. For example, last month a student here won 10 thousand on a lucky draw. After the student was announced as the winner he was so surprised and overjoyed. He couldn’t sleep for two nights and even can’t concentrate on his studies because of the large sum of money that he won by luck. That is how positive life change can cause stress. Work is another external factor that causes stress. Nowadays many young adults are confronted with the difficult task of choosing a career and finding a job. They spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to do or want to become to earn their living, and how or what they can do to get a job. This place pressure on many young people in their twenties even though, they have the skills and training, they will still be worrying whether they will be selected or not due to the high competition and the level of unemployment. Moreover, those who are permanently employed also have pressures and are affected by stress. Spielberger (1979:25) stated that, “every job includes many potential sources of stress- poor working conditions, long hours, time pressures and deadlines, and difficult relationships with superiors and fellow employees may individually or in combination produce deleterious pressures”. For example, a grade 8 teacher would be a very committed person who will spend long hour of working with the student as well as most of his or her personal time. He will have so many deadlines to meet in order for a successful result at the end of the year. This will put him under great pressure. Thus this pressure will cause stress. Another external cause of stress is financial problem. This problem is an increasing factor...
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