What Causes Racism

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Natural environment Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: March 24, 2013
What causes Racism?
Racism is one of the most revolting things within the vicinity of humanity. It haunts our past, many times degrading the future. The causes of racism aren't known to the majority of humans living on earth, however, a good fraction of them express it. In order to cure racism, or at least minimize its affects on humanity, we have to examine the root causes. Some of the causes of racism are: Stereotypes Unfamiliarity selfishness and environmental factors. |

One of the most common causes of racism is stereotypes. Through television, through radio, through the internet, through music, through books, and the like, the potential for stereo types to build are a definite possibility. When a person, especially one that is very young, is exposed to stereotypes of a specific group for the first time, then that person will assume all are that way. Likewise, when a source is constantly displaying negative things about a particular race, then that will affect the overall opinions as well. Another very common, and probably the most common cause of racism is unfamiliarity. People fear what they do not know or understand. If someone hasn't grown up around a particular race before, then there is more of a chance the person can be racist toward that particular group. Not all the time, but when the person has already been fed negative stereotypes, and does not have the actual real life experiences with at least one within the particular group, then the chances of racism are increased. This is why it is important for children to be around other races at a young age: to ensure they get their minds used and adapted to being around them, and also to help counterbalance any false stereotypes they may encounter in the future. Selfishness is another obvious cause of racism. Humans are sometimes very selfish creatures caring only about their own at the expense of others. If individuals aren't taught how to respect...
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