What Caused World War 2

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: January 27, 2013
There are various causes that led to World War 2. One of these causes was the signed Nazi Soviet pact between German leader Adolf Hitler and Russian leader Joseph Stalin; this cause triggered the beginning of World War 2. The first reason that the Nazi Soviet pact was a cause of World War 2 was because the agreement Gave Hitler an opportunity to invade Poland because Hitler thought Stalin would be blinded because of the agreement. This caused the war because Neville Chamberlain said he would declare war on Germany if Hitler was to lead Germany to invade Poland. Hitler didn’t think this would happen due to him being allowed to invade parts of land before and get away with it. So when Hitler did invade Poland Neville Chamberlain did in fact declare war on Germany. However there were other reasons that were also responsible for causing the war. One of these would be the Treaty of Versailles, who was also held responsible for causing the war because Germany didn’t like the decisions made by the Treaty, for example they didn’t believe that the war guilt was their entire fault and that it should’ve been shared equally amongst countries that participated in the war. Also they didn’t like the fact that they were to pay the reparations of £6bn which Germany could not afford and had to repair their own broken country, this led to Germany voting for Hitler and the Nazis to be in power because Hitler promised that he would make Germany great once again. Lastly the Treaty of Versailles was to blame for the cause of the 2nd World War because they humiliated Germany by taking away their land, colonies and army. This made Germany furious and vowed that they would have their revenge. Also the League of Nations played its part in Europe going to war again because the Leagues leaders Britain and France didn’t really worry about the Leagues aims and interests but cared for their own self-interest which meant if Germany wanted something that would let it happen because it would...
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