What Caused the Uk Summer Riots 2011?

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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What Caused The Riots?

During the first week of August 2011, The United Kingdom became a target of looting and rioting in major cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. The apparent reason for looting and rioting is most likely derive from the peaceful march regarding the police response to the death of Mark Duggan who was shot by the police. On the 4th august 2011 a riot first started in North London. From here, it spread to other boroughs in the city where eventually it scaled up north in cities such as Birmingham.

Shops were looted of their goods such as electrical shops, clothes shops even cafés and restaurants were looted of money. Their Buildings were damaged, burnt and smashed into causing most owners their livelihood and created a big hole in their pockets.

Although the House of Commons has issued for a public enquiry into the matter, there has been much debate and speculation on what caused the riots, which all in all lead up to different factors in which could be said contributed to the riots

One factor which has been mentioned is Poor Relations between the Black Community and Police which was mainly based in the North London Riots. Information suggests that the police’s frequent use of “Stop and Search” on Black People caused unrest and tension between the two.

Another factor which has also been followed up is Social Exclusion. Tony Blair stated in the Observer that the riots were caused by alienated youth who have been excluded from the social mainstream and live in a culture where their behaviour is seem to be normal and acceptable. This was also linked to Family Breakdown seeing as most offenders lived at home without a father and shows that not having that guidance has caused them to become this way.

A Final factor which could be mentioned Is Government Cuts. It was stated that the cuts made by the coalition government has caused social division and made the country worse as services that require those funds are now...
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