What Caused the Great Depression

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Cambridge jail and discovered that some of the tattered inmates were chained in a filthy, cold cell simply because they were mentally ill. Dix had confronted the hidden-away fact that most psychiatrically troubled people of the day existed in deplorable circumstances within prisons, poorhouses, reformatories — and even homes. The shy, but incensed witness reported the situation to a local court. Dix's charges were spurned, but she made the situation public, and efforts were made to improve conditions. In 1881, she accepted an apartment at the Trenton New Jersey State Hospital she herself had founded. Six years later, July 17, 1887, at the age of 85, Dorothea Dix died of what her physician called ossification of the arterial membrane. She was seated at the tea table. She was later buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery near Boston with the simplest of funeral services Occupation

Dix was merely 14 when she founded a school for little children. She taught, and also wrote learning materials for, her youthful charges over the next two decades. At one point, Dix crossed the Atlantic to England where she met advocates of better treatment for the insane as a nurse. A teacher, nurse, humanitarian, and social reformer for the mentally ill Hobbies

She enjoyed helping people. At the age of 54, Dorothea had traveled half of the United States and Europe inspecting institutions, jails, etc. for mistreatment Interesting Facts
She was responsible for establishing or enlarging 32 mental hospitals in N. America, Europe, and Japan. In June 1861, Dix was appointed superintendent of female nurses by the secretary of war, Simon Cameron, for the federal government. She over saw the training, recruitment, and placement of some 2,000 women who cared for wounded union soldiers during the civil war President Millard Fillmore found Dorothea to be a wonderful warm and caring companion, a loyal friend

Reform Massachusetts
Her report on conditions in Massachusetts prisons and...
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