What Can I Offer the World

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Everybody has something to offer the world we walk wondering what we can offer the world. Questions in our head, wondering, what can I offer? , what should I offer? , and am I supposed to be offering something? But as I sit and write I also wonder what I can offer this sinful world. , but to me it’s not what I can offer, it’s what I want to offer. Therefore my special gifts are: The gift of having a sense of humor, being a good best friend and lastly being compassionate about cooking.

Laughter helps your soul. I love having a sense of humor. My gift of having a great sense humor has got me through a lot of pain, and heartache throughout my life. I’ve learned that it’s good sometimes to laugh at your pain or maybe situations you have been in instead of just being worried, stressed, and embarrassed. Just find humor and look at it as a “Live and Learn” situation. But I love making my friends and family laugh. Because it also makes me happy and it brings joy to my life to make other people laugh and to see them happy.

Friends come and go, but best friends are forever. I love all my best friends and I know they love me. As a best friend we have to be a listener, a shoulder to cry on, a counselor, sometimes even a parent, everything you can think of that what a best friend should be and do. I love being best friend because I know when I’m down, or need to vent. I know that each and every time my best friends will always be there for me. So I enjoy being best friend I love feeling loved by my best friends and surely do love my best friends.

And lastly, cooking. I love it I’m so compassionate about cooking, but I really love cooking for my friends and family just to see their face in “Awe” or saying: “This is amazing”. Really makes me happy, cooking has become my life I have gone through so many things, that when cooking it just releases all my stress, and frees my mind, burdens are lifted and I have no worries. I...
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