What Can We Do to Make the World a Better Place?

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Official script.
1: So our world is not doing too good right now. Social issues like baby dumping, gangsterism, rape, muder and many others plagues the world and its making it rather uncomfortable for us to live in. We need to make a change before its too late. Anyone has any idea that they would like to share on how to make the future a better place? 2: We can perform the famous “random act of kindness”. If everyone does that, it will definitely make the future a better place. 1: okay, would *3* like to elaborate on that?

3: Sure. Okay, we live in a society that in many ways is broken, but sometimes, remarkable humans decide they are just going to do what they can to make the future better, and they do this because they can, and ask if anyone minds later. A simple act such as cheering people up, as the ‘free hugs’ campaign aims to do can go a long way. 4: Excuse me, can I continue to elaborate on that?

1: Sure, go ahead.
4: Okay, this altruism that was mentioned by *3* can be carried out in many other ways, such as buying a snack for street workers, paying a stranger a compliment and giving up your place at the grocery checkout line. 1: This all sounds very nice, but why is it not happening around the world now?

2: It is actually already happening around the world but it is still insufficient to make the big change we are talking about. I would like to ask anyone in this room a question, have you ever performed a random act of kindness? Im very sure some of you have, but not everyone. That’s what im talking about, for something to happen, everyone must chip in with their own effort. Help those in need regardless of whether they are a friend or a stranger. For example, if you see a lady drop her bag of groceries infront of you, help the poor lady. Simple acts like that will be very much appreciated and in turn, she will dish out some random act of kindness to someone else. The ripple effect. 1: Thank you everyone, now, does anyone else have anything in...
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