What Can High Schools Do to Lower the Number of Dropouts?

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What Can High Schools Do to Lower the Number of Dropouts?
It is clear that dropping out of high school has very serious consequences for the individuals, the society and the nation. People who drop out of high school earn half as much annual income as those who graduate. High school dropouts are more likely to be welfare recipients than high school graduates. This does not mean that high school diploma is an absolute solution or dropping out of high school results to negative outcomes but it implies that students who drop out of high school are a high-risk-population and require programmatic interventions to increase the likelihood of high school success (PSEA). For high schools to lower the number of dropouts, they should ensure that all students have good relationships with adults at school. It has been found out that students drop out of school because they feel alienated from others. Therefore, high schools should encourage and build environments in which all students can gain from sustained relationships with school administration. Another way that high schools can lower the number of dropouts is supporting a strong individualized curriculum. They should ensure that the curriculum has a career-learning component for all learners. Some of the successful programs for preventing dropout focus on providing academic curricula of high level and connected to the real world though experiences such as hands-on learning in industry and business settings. Unfortunately, many high schools have scripted curricula that do not support the kind of learning that is effective at engaging the youth who are at risk (PSEA). High schools should also build student transition programs for the middle school. For many students, the transition into and out of middle school can be very difficult and many are retained in the ninth-grade. This retention results to high rate of high school drop-out. By high schools lowering the number of dropouts, cases such as unemployment,...
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