What Bothers Me

Topics: Middle class, Working class, Want Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: June 26, 2012
“What bothers me?”
As the 2013 elections is approaching, politicians or the incoming politicians are starting to make their moves and since Philippines is a country where many calamities occur, this is the best chance to let people see ‘who they really are’.

There’s this question that I want to have a rational answer; are we Filipinos easily fooled? To my opinion, yes, especially the poor but I think the rich people are too. An example of this is for those who belongs in the lower class of our society, those people who complaints why they are jobless, why they are poor, why they are sick and the like. It is because they are too lazy to get their lazy butts off the chair; they are too lazy to find a job to sustain their family’s need and they are lazy to find a better way to improve their kind of living. And when something bad happens they blame the government for everything and when a politician comes into ‘rescue’ to help them, give them clothes, foods and their other necessities they will already consider him a hero who saved their lives. And when elections come they will remember that ‘hero’; but what they don’t know is that he has a hidden agenda for doing that, to get the hearts of the populace so that they will vote for him and if he wins, he can now corrupt money as many as he wants. Another example of this is when a fire incident occurred in a barangay somewhere in Metro Manila and then former president Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada came into rescue, but when asked by a reporter if this is already the start of his campaign for the upcoming elections, he denied it. From my own point of view that is just a complete lie, I won’t believe that he spent a big amount of money to help the people out of pure sincerity, for all I know he will just do the same thing like what he did before. The next example is for those who are in the upper middle class to the upper class of our society; a great scenario to this is in the field of politics and business when it comes to...
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