What Being a Teenager Is All About

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 1 (657 words) Published: May 14, 2013
What Being a teenager is all about Introduction  Hi. Today I’m here to talk about something we can all relate to. I’ll be talking about how to go from a naive teenager to a grown responsible adult that is really to take on life. From getting new responsibilities, to getting an education and finding something to do with our live that we will enjoy. But in order to end up as a happy adult we must first go through some pretty difficult things such as finding our first jobs and keeping up in school and our grades at the same time or to start being more mature. Body I. During this period of time in our lives we start becoming more independent. A. We are able to get things we weren’t able to get before such as:Driver’s permit or a job. 1. Things such as these are the things we can’t wait for when we are like in middle school, but growing up isn’t just about these particular things 2. With these “cool” new privileges there are many many responsibilities that come with them. B. These responsibilities show our parents if we are ready to get MORE privileges. 1. If you deal with them like a responsible person, then they’ll trust you more and give you more privileges. 2. Once you start acting right everybody will see you different and with more respect, and that’s when you’ll start being more mature. II. At the same time we must also do good in school and keep your grades up especially since we are in high school and everything counts now. A. In order to keep our grades up we have to pay attention in class and come to school to study and get an education and not play around with your friends. 1. It’s a part of being mature and responsible ,which brings us to the subject we went over before.

2. If you’re like this in school then everybody will see you with more respect and they’ll see you as “smart” because people are very judgemental even though they only know the outside of the person, but thats a whole different topic. B. Most of us here are very confident about...
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