What Aspects of Your Intended Path of Study Made You Decide That the Program Was the Right One for You? Please Be as Specific as Possible

Topics: Finance, Stock, Stock market Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Every time I was asked the question “where did you graduate from?” and I would respond that I earned my degree from X College. And they say wow that is a wonderful and well reputed college. It gives me such an enormous feeling inside me when I hear that. Fortunately, I had the greatest moment and the best experience when I was undergraduate student. Luckily, the schedule of their evening courses accommodated my busy schedule perfectly in a way that I was working full time running my business during the day and taking most of my classes at night. That is one of four major factors that I took into consideration that made me think that X School is the one that will help me attain my goals.

Firstly, from my previous experience I have had and the alumni I have spoken to, I can proudly say that X University is all about teaching and improving the leadership skills of its students. The tools, the materials and the workplace they offer, for instance the trading room and its finest staff, will give me the tremendous knowledge and the experience I need to succeed in the corporate world and become the manager that balance successfully and skillfully the company’s needs and achievement.

Secondly, X University offers a wide variety of financial courses that I am looking for. For instance, the corporate finance courses and the equity valuation and derivatives courses that will broaden my knowledge in different ways. The corporate finance courses will provide me with a comprehensive understanding of financial concepts and tools and will prepare me to analyze and evaluate corporate financial planning and decisions. The equity valuation and derivatives will deeply enhance my (existing) knowledge on what I already know about the equity market and derivatives.

Finally, the location and the environment of X will play an effective role in my life. It is located on a beautiful hill of Denver away from the city and its traffic and most certainly very close to where I live...
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