What Are We Learning for?

Topics: Education, Learning, University Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 11, 2012
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Mohammad Bajahlan
Professor Holbrook
Eng 100
April 16, 2012

What are we learning for?
“What are we learning for?” is a question asked by Steven Vogel and Jerry Farber in their essays because the students just focus on grades. In “Grades and money,” Steven Vogel gives the readers a true view of how students think on these days and what are the causes and effects of this grade system. He also raises a question of values of life. On the other hand, Jerry Farber, in his essay “A young Person’s Guide to the Grading system” Farber believes that learning is for better life. Moreover, the students should make the time in college worth it. They have to focus to learn not to care about grades; Farber states an important point that grades not reflect everything about the person. In Vogel’s essay, you can see the differences between students in the past and the present. Vogel presents his own examples as a college student and a college professor. In the past, the students never talked about grades, and they became successful through their talents. However, Vogel thinks students are giving a lot of attention to grades more than what they can learn in classes. Especially when the students get low grades, also; students complain angrily with professors. These statuses make Vogel feels embarrassed because our society becomes superficial in the classrooms. Farber supports this idea by saying “What we get on the final is all Bajahlan 2

important; what we retain after the final is irrelevant” (Farber 385). He thinks that students are playing a game with grades, trying to please their professors like the golden and silver stars for kids. Then what is learning for? Is it just for grades? Vogel says that students are acting differently from what they think; people “pay lip service” to studying since they all care about grades while saying that college is for studying (Vogel 390). Also, the students think about money and if they get high GPAs will help them to get...
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