What Are the Worst Things That Can Happen to a Person?

Topics: Meaning of life, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: May 26, 2013
What are the worst things that can happen to a person?
A person can be defined in many ways such as having a good life where they have good education, a good job and salary, many good friends, relatives and family members, and great success. On the contrary a person can also have an awful life such as having addictions, chronic diseases, and maybe no purpose in life as well. These are what I consider as the worst things that can happen to a person.

One type of situation that can become the worst thing to a person is addiction. Addictions as we all know may not all be bad, as for there are some good addictions as well. But usually these bad addictions can cause suffering to certain individuals. Some more common examples of addictions are drugs and gambling. In the case of drugs, addiction to drugs is a bad thing because the drugs can severely harm your body in ways you don’t know it’s harming you. It can also affect your mental state; your way of thinking can become different than the way you thought before. Another example of a bad addiction is gambling. These two factors are a well known addiction. People get addicted to casinos because theoretically, the way a casino attracts people is the person goes in with money, usually in the first or second round they win but then on they will keep losing. Now how this addicts people is that when they lose money, they want to play more and more to gain the money they have already lost. How don’t they lose hope? They don’t lose hope because the first few rounds they won money so therefore they think that they will be able to win again. Part of this applies for lottery tickets as well, because it is close to gambling as well.

Now the more critical part of the addiction is when the person loses all their money from buying all the drugs or wasting all their money from going to the casino. This leads them to debt. When these people go into debt they are not only desperate in need of money to pay off the debt but...
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