What Are the Various Offices That Compose the Government Sector of the Tourism Industry?

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Tour Guide Script
Bus Tours of Historic Filipinotown
Filipino American Library (FAL) August 2, 2008
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this script, please contact Jonathan Lorenzo, the FAL Administrator, at filamlibrary@sbcglobal.net or 213-382-0488.

GOAL: To answer the question – “What is Filipino about Historic Filipinotown?” Important Notes for Bus Driver: - Maintain 15 mph at all times in both the residential and commercial areas. - It is OK to park at a red zone, just turn on the hazard lights. - The passengers will exit the bus at three different stops.

(Introduction) (Tour Navigator: Call Jonathan Yap on his cell phone at 323-275-7639 to tell him that we will arrive at Remy’s on Temple in about 10 minutes. If there’s no answer, then text him. Just in case, the phone number of Remy’s on Temple is 213-484-2884.) Now we’ll begin our Bus Tour of Historic Filipinotown. o The goal of this tour is to answer the question – “What is Filipino about Historic Filipinotown?” o For the next hour and a half, we will narrate the significance of particular sites, events, and individuals in and around Historic Filipinotown to present an historical overview of Filipinos in Los Angeles.


- Throughout this tour we will also narrate the history of Filipinos in Los Angeles. o *** There are four distinct geographic areas through four waves of Filipino immigration to Los Angeles. *** 1. Little Manila 2. Bunker Hill 3. Temple-Beaudry Area 4. Temple-Beverly Corridor, which is now known as Historic Filipinotown Jonathan Lorenzo FAL Administrator


Updated: 8/5/2008

o At different parts of the tour, we will talk about each of these four waves in detail. On August 2, 2002, the City Council of Los Angeles officially designated this 2.1 square mile area as “Historic Filipinotown.” o It was the result of a community-wide effort since the late 1970s. o The boundaries of Historic Filipinotown are the 101 Hollywood Freeway to the north, Hoover St. to the west, Glendale Blvd. to the east, and Beverly Blvd. to the south. o According to the 2000 Census, Filipinos comprise the largest Asian group in the city of Los Angeles with over 100,000 people. o Filipinos are the second-largest Asian group both in the state of California and the United States. AHEAD RIGHT – Luzon Plaza o It is named “Luzon Plaza” because its original owners were Filipino and “Luzon” is the largest island of the Philippines. o The Philippines has 7,107 islands, but during low tide it has 7,108 islands. o Only about 700 of them, though, are inhabited and most of the population lives on only 11 of the islands. o This was the second home of FAL from 1994 to 2000. o Kapistahan - This is the only Filipino restaurant in Historic Filipinotown that is not “turo-turo.” - “Turo-Turo” means “point-point” and it refers to a restaurant in which pre-cooked foods are laid out and patrons point to what they’d like to eat. - Almost every Filipino restaurant in Historic Filipinotown features both “turo-turo” and a menu of items cooked when ordered. o SM Beauty & Cut - This Filipino-owned business is located where it says “Beauty Salon.” - All the hairstylists in SM Beauty & Cut are Filipina and Tagalog is often the only language spoken between them and their patrons. - Many Filipinos think the secret of true beauty is virgin coconut oil, which can be used as hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, and even a food supplement. o Adult Day Health Care, Inc. o Optimum Tax and Loan Network o PHILCA Realty o GMV Dental Corporation AHEAD RIGHT – Villa Ramos o This apartment building has provided affordable housing to low-income residents since 1987. o It is owned by the Ramos Trust, the majority owner, as well as Advincula & Associates. o It also includes the VGR Center, which is the venue of many community meetings. 2



Jonathan Lorenzo FAL Administrator

Updated: 8/5/2008

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