What Are the Principle Factors Influence the Buying Behaviour

Topics: Research, Female, Present Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: November 30, 2011
What are the principle factors influence the buying behaviour 1. Introduction
As the ever-accelerated modern of development, female is going to be a critical part in central marketer’s universe constantly. Furthermore, female consumers comprise an increasing number of product and service purchases. ‘Women’s earning power worldwide is expected to reach $18 trillion by 2014 – a $5 trillion rise for current income’ (Voigt, 2009). Nowadays, women are better educated, which enable them to find stable job to strengthen financial abilities which is closer to males’ than previous century, and they control so much of consumer spending. According to BCG estimates, women control or substantially influence 65% of the world’s annual consumer spending – about $12 trillion (Anderson, 2009). Moreover, females obviously become dominant concept of consumption in marketplace, their status whether in family or society have increased significantly, and their importance attached by all sectors, because they have became a potential major-consumer group which not only affect the other social activities, but also have an influence on business. All in all, this study is meaningful in the field of female consumer behaviour, and the research might be valuable for the business development. This study discovers the consumer behaviour of women who is in Newcastle upon Tyne. The basic aim of the present project is to examine the similarities and differences in the shopping behaviour of younger women and female elders. This objective of report is also to analyse what principle factors affect women buying behaviour, even between two categories and to compare the findings from both older women (above or equal 50 years old) and younger women (Under 50 years old). The quantitative research method was used for collecting current information of female shopping behaviour in this project. Data was collected by street questionnaire survey at the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. The questionnaire...
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