What Are the Primary Causes/Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Among Young People?

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Taking Online Classes
Education is the most important thing for people that can help and provide them much more knowledge in order to get good jobs and have better lives. At present, because of the improvement in technology, studies are designed and separated into two easier ways for people to study and they can choose between taking online classes and attending classes on campus. In your opinion, which one is better for you between these two ways of studying?

As I am a student, I strongly disagree to the sentence that said "taking online classes is better than attending classes on campus." In fact, it seems to be easy for those who study online as they can spend any time with their studies; also, most of them can work at the same time as they study to get money to support their families and themselves. However, it can be hard and difficult for them. They may not have enough time to study and to do their homework assignments as most of them go to work almost every day and some of them spend some time with their kids.

Sometimes, they might have some problems with their computers and the Internet as well. Imagine that if they have homework assignments need to be submitted by tomorrow morning, but they have a problem with their computers or the internet in this evening, do you think what would happen to you if you were them? Also, it might be difficult for them to communicate with their friends and instructors at school. I am certain that they probably do not understand a hundred percents when they study. Therefore, there must be some questions need to be explained and answered. But who would help them to resolve these problems if they just study online at home or wherever they are?

On the other hand, some subjects need to be discussed using more than words. It's really useful to share diagrams, sketches, formulae, and pictures. Typically, people rely on photos of drawing on papers or long descriptions. It is just so much effort!

All in all, attending...
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