What Are the Pons and Cons of Using Facebook?

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  • Published : August 10, 2011
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What are the pons and cons of using Facebook?

The way people communicated(communicate) has change(changed) with a furious pace. The advent of social networking- Facebook, which launching in the year 2004, is one of the prevalent communications now. Nowadays Facebook has a proliferation of numbers, (drawing) nearly 100 millions(million) people (to sign in) signed in.

Due to the Facebook, users easily keep current with friends' status quo. A friend who updates the status say that she was blamed by the boss and as a friend we can show our consideration(concern) for(about) her immediately. It's also quite facilitating that sharing varieties information’s (fancy restaurant you has(have) eaten, gourmet food or spring sales etc.) to friends by words, photo or video chips(clips). By all the functions Facebook provides swapping comments, receiving latest currents and broaden social networking become simply.

In the(remove) other words, the more time you spent(d) on Facebook the least time you can work or study. Some news reported that(remove) there is a growth(number) of people who (are) addicted to Facebook. That points out the other phenomenon which guys(people) diminish the face- to -face communication. More people would rather stay home and be a nerd then(than) go out (to engage in) various activities. Futhermore, when one shares all information, what should be put into consideration is the issue of security because the personal information may be hacke(hackered).

In my point of view, Facebook may (be) a convenient tool to communicate with others but the time of spending on the website should be carefully restrained so that we can balance between cyberspace and meatspace.
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