What Are the Phases of Sdlc?

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For developing systems/software that involves 10 Phases:

1. Initiation
2. System Concept Development
3. Planning
4. Requirements Analysis
5. Design
6. Development
7. Integration and Testing
8. Implementation
9. Operations and Maintenance
10. Disposition.

The Phases
Initiation - Initiation is where there is an identified need for a new system. For instance, a retailer of fine crystal glass is in need of a new system to handle inventory. They've decided that the old System of putting the inventory into a simple spreadsheet will no longer work. They want a system where they can track inventory, inventory cost, facilities cost, personnel, a customer database, can track trends in buying, identify inventory that is not moving well and price it to move, etc. In other words, they want to be able to know everything with a few clicks of the keyboard. A Project Management is placed in charge and he/she will develop a Concept Proposal - which is a document identifying the problem and why the new system needs to be pursued. The document is presented to upper management who approves it and the project moves on to the next phase. System Concept Development - This is where the first real look at what will be necessary takes place. Several reports can be created here. - Feasibility Study (will it work?)

- Cost/Benefit Analysis (is the cost really worth it?)
- System Boundary (how far should the project go?)
- Risk Management (what will happen if we don't do it?)
These reports are then presented, again, to the powers that be and a decision is made whether or not to go ahead. They approve the funding. If they give their approval it's on to the next phase. Planning Phase - Who is doing what, when, and how? What personnel are needed? Use existing personnel or hire consultants? New Hardware? Develop own software or buy it off the shelf? What are the Deliverables - such as completed software programming and documentation, user manual, training, testing plans, etc?...
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