What Are the Major Problems and Challenges in the Water Resources Management Faced by Hong Kong

Topics: Water pollution, Hong Kong, Pollution Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: October 23, 2012
What are the major problems and challenges in the water resources management faced by Hong Kong? 1. Reclamation
In Hong Kong there has been rapid population growth since the 1950s. More and more land is needed for urban development. Therefore, the government undertook large-scale reclamation to get flat land for various urban land uses. The coastline of Kowloon Peninsula has extended seaward. It shows that new land has been created by reclamation. With such large-scale reclamation, our harbor is getting smaller and smaller. Further reclamation will mean that we shall lose one of our most valuable assets. Reclamation may stir up sand and mud on the seabed. Water becomes unclear and this disturbs the marine ecosystems. Filling materials and sediments may contain toxic pollutants. Fish and coral will be adversely affected. Filling materials and sediments may contain toxic materials. These pollutants may enter the food chain, affecting fish, seabirds, and even human beings. 2. Dumping

Every day, Hong Kong produces about 2.8 million cubic meters of sewage. Most of the sewage is discharged into Victoria Harbor. This results in serious water pollution there. In Hong Kong, sewage comes from human and industrial sources, and livestock farms. Virus, bacteria, agricultural waste, heavy metals and toxic chemicals are found in the polluted water. In the past, most sewage was not treated before being discharged into the sea. Heavy materials and toxic chemicals will accumulate in marine life, such as fish and shellfish. They may not be able to reproduce. 3. Solid waste

Each year, people throw hundreds of millions of tones of solid waste into the sea, including fishing line and nets, and plastic sheeting and bags. Plastic do not decompose easily. They are often floating in the open seas or piling up on beaches. Plastics are dangerous to marine animals, because they may eat them or get trapped in them. Evaluate Hong Kong’s water pollution control policy as well as the...
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