What Are the Major Challenges Faces by International Marketing Manager?

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About Aerocom| 4|
History Aerocom| 5|
How Aerocom Product Work| 6 – 7|
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Firstly, I would like to thank to Allah and his blessings. Finally, I had completed this assignment successfully. Furthermore, I would give a big credit to my family because pray to my success and always supports me like give me an idea and advice to doing this assignment. To my lovely lecture Madam Zaleha Binti M. Rajoli because help to know and teach how PEST analysis work. Madam Zaleha also guides me to complete this assignment and who had worked hard developing our trip to Kuala Lumpur. Thanks also to my friend because help me, support me; cheering me and accompany me to finish this assignment. To MATRADE, MITI, and PWTC we will never forget your kindness and your knowledge you give to me. That’s all thank you.

In this assignment I had to go trip to Kuala Lumpur in order to make a study tour. We go two day one night and go on 3 September until 4 September. We started to depart at 6.00 A.M. and arrive 10.00 A.M. First place we had visit was a Ministry Of International Trade Malaysia had known as MITI. At MITI we were given a talk about what is MITI? What MITI do? Before this I don’t know anything about MITI after I go there I get more knowledge. MITI is as organization want to help entrepreneur to international their product. MITI has made many programs to achieve their target to help entrepreneur for example MATRADE.

After MITI our trip go to Malaysia External Trade Development Center had known as a MATRADE. MATRADE is under MITI; in MATRADE we can find many products entrepreneur have showing in their exhibition hall we also go to their library has contain many information useful to internationalize entrepreneur product. In MATRADE we accompany by Mr. Ridzuan, Mr. Ridzuan as Assistant Manager Client Relation Unit Exporters Development Division in MATRADE, he give a talk about MATRADE and how MATRADE help entrepreneur to enter another country. After MATRADE we go to International innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. In this program many new product have shown for example Puncak Selera known as Kedah Best. Kedah best produce cat fish in tin it quite interesting right. In this program we have to choose one new product and do an interview to get information about their company and their product. In this exhibition I attract to one product, the product is a pneumatic tube system produce by Aerocom Company from German. I choose pneumatic tube systems as my product research because this product can give many benefit to government sector or private sector for example government can use pneumatic tube systems at their hospital and it can reduce the risk in missing item or money. For private sector with this product private sector can reduce human resource and give a safety to avoid stolen.

Aerocom has grown to become a world leader in pneumatic tube systems technology. In addition to possessing the widest range of standard products in the industry, they also have the experience and expertise to custom design system solutions for just about any application in pneumatic materials logistics. They can provide special technical solutions to meet individual customer specifications. They provide factory direct representation with offices and distributors in 65 countries around the globe .

Founded in 1952, Aerocom was quickly established as a leader in pneumatic tube systems technology. They offer custom pneumatic systems for a wide range of applications. Aerocom technical solutions and expertise empower them to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Aerocom systems are in use in more than 65 countries worldwide. With their six sales offices in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy,...
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