What Are the Main Strengths and Weaknesses of Utilitarianism and Kantian Formalism?

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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The Battle of Yorktown was a pivotal part in U.S. History. Lasting from September 28, 1781 to October 19, 1781 it was the last major battle in the American Revolutionary War. It was a resounding victory against the British in the American Revolutionary War, but it was also the catalyst that began the creation of what is now the United States of America. The American victory over Great Britain was the starting point for multiple revolutions of colonies from their European masters as well as the key component in the overthrowing of European Monarchs. The Battle of Yorktown was a resounding victory against the number one country in the world with the help of the French. Had this victory not happened Great Britain would have easily taken control of the American territories and all of the colonist would have been executed for treason. Obviously if the colonies are all deceased then there will be no United States, the country that we live in today, and we could very well be British right now. But the colonist didn’t die and instead survive to form a government that becomes the United States of America. They form this government using the principles of government during the time of enlightenment. Then after forming this new form of government they do a very smart thing and make George Washington their first president. George Washington was a war hero, the commander of United States who defeated General Cornwallis at, yes I’m reiterating, the Battle of Yorktown making him a well known worldly figure. George Washington was also a well thought of person throughout the world. King George III of England says that Washington could have easily been a king but he decided not to. Others individuals and groups heard of George Washington and the colonies and there huge success at obtaining their independence from Great Britain and it opens their eyes to realize and discover a new way of thinking. Simon Bolivar was inspired by Washington and his actions and directly...