What Are the Main Features of Settlements in Late Bronze Age and Iron Age?

Topics: House, Dwelling, Hill fort Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: April 12, 2013
An iron age settlement in dorset. Excavation and reconstruction.D.W.Harding.I.M.Blake.P.J.ReynoldsUni of endinburgh.Department of archaeology. 1993 Called Pimperne Down.Irregular oval plan. Relative density of the settlement, including habitation enclosures, possible stock-enclosures and adjacent field-systems shows the domestic and agricultural nature.(p4-5) Roundhouse with hearth, evidence of daub. The plan reflects meticulous attention to symmetry and detail which iron age builders expended on their engineering and carpentry. Possible evidence of a loom. Compared to other excavated iron age roundhouses in S.Britain the degree of detail is exceptional.(29-31) The early iron age inhabited site at all cannings cross farm, Wiltshire. M.E.Cunnington Cardiff uni, George Simpson&Co. 1923 About 500bc (13)

Remains of rectangular houses found with round houses built on top. Round-houses and rectangular houses not co-existant here, Possibly site occupied by square hut builders and later by round hut builders. (59) 75 pits found from 6ft to several inches deep. Too small for dwelling pits but probable grain storage or rubbish pits. Pits commonly found throughout inhabited sites from EBA to Roman occupation. (60) Grain pits in Lidbury camp, Hunsbury and Worlebury. Evidence of burnt grain.(60) Some pits had domed roofs made of clay and broken chalk. Thought to be ovens but more likely to be protected storage. (61) Re-searching the iron age. Leicester uni, school or arch’ and ancient hist’ 2003 Edited by Jodie humphrey Tom moore

Round houses synonymous with British iron age. Little understanding of the nature and uses of iron age buildings. The identification of the roundhouse with the iron age has led to a polarisation between the roundhouse as a dwelling and rectangular structures as fulfilling other roles. Roundhouses in Scotland fulfilling numerous roles, such as dwelling, storage and animal shelters (47) Iron age hill-fort at Crickley Hill, Gloustershire had...
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