What Are the Goood Characteristics of a Good Leader

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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What are the characteristics of a good leader? Where should you start if you want to be a good leader? What are the most important qualities of a good leader? In fact, what are the 10 most essential characteristics without which a person cannot become a good leader? The 10 Essential Characteristics of Good Leader

So what are those characteristics or qualities? Below are the 10 characteristics that are absolutely necessary for being a good leader. 1. Character
The first thing a good leader needs is a strong character. We all know of someone who is in a leadership position or is a leader with not so strong character, and we all know how these people end up. These leaders with not-so-strong characters, often go down as fast as they climbed the ladder of success. Therefore, to be a good and sustainable leader character is the most important quality you need. 2. Communication

If a leader can not do the rest of it, she at least needs to be good at this – communication. The leadership and its implications revolve around this quality. It is an absolutely important quality a leader needs. The importance of communication can not be overemphasized for being a good leader. 3. Listening

What goes hand in hand with communication is listening. A good leader needs to listen to her followers. She needs to get feedback on a regular basis, open her eyes and ears and keep listening. Now a word of caution. Listening does not mean to blindly follow and accept everything that is said and shown. 4. Relationships

The next important quality of a good leader is building and maintaining relationships. A good leader knows the importance of relationships. She knows that the strength of a leader comes from the people that follow and support her. And that is why a good leader takes good care in building relationships. 5. Vision

Vision is important for everyone, leader or not, for their growth. But vision is specially important for those who as want to lead. Knowing what outcome you...
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