What Are the Changes and Continuities in Germany's Government from 19th Century to Today?

Topics: Suicide, Comedy, Feeling Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 15, 2013

Title: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Author: Ned Vizzini
Number of pages total: 444 pg.
Quarter of the way through the book: 111 pg.
Midway point of the book: 222 pg.
Three quarters of the book: 333 pg.


The topic that this book touches upon, teen depression, is something very common these days especially in fourteen to seventeen year olds. I wanted to read about it from an author who actually experienced some type of depression. The book looked like it wasn’t trying so hard to catch my attention, and the simplest books always turn out to be the best. I expect this book to be a book about the self-discovery and recovery of a depressed teen and I’m thinking it will end with him new friends and a lesson learned.

Quarter Point:

Craig, the main character, is with Aaron, his best friend. Craig, Aaron, Nia (Aaron’s girlfriend) and other friends are at Aaron’s house, watching TV and smoking. These are the group of kids in every high school that do drugs regularly and basically do nothing for the rest of the day. Craig is small and gangly with dark short hair. He’s nerd-like and he seems to be the kind of person who is shy around people who aren’t his friends and family. He’s a little sarcastic and seems to be in the shadow of his friend Aaron. So far, the conflict is that Craig is depressed. He won’t sleep, when he eats, he pukes, and when he tries to do his homework, and he gets too caught up in the stress that he never gets around to it. Craig goes to the Executive Pre-Professional High School, which is an extremely prestigious school. The homework gets overwhelming and that’s the reason why he’s miserable.

Midway Point:

Craig decided to commit suicide, but before he even tried anything, he called the Suicide Hotline. They told him that thoughts of suicide were considered a medical emergency. When he came to the hospital, they brought him to the Adult Psychiatric unit and said he had to stay until his “baseline is...
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