What Are the Causes of Poverty in Philippine Economy?

Topics: Poverty, Poverty threshold, Poverty in the United States Pages: 13 (4887 words) Published: March 13, 2013
What are the causes of poverty in Philippine economy?


One of the major problems that continue to plaque the Philippines is poverty. Despite the said efforts of both government and business firms many Filipinos remain in need. It is not a simple problem because now days we are facing mass poverty. For all the magnificent testimonies to man’s superior skill and intellect in producing today’s level of cultural development, he still has to find the solution to mass poverty. Whether the government would admit it or not, it is very clear even with our bare eyes that we our suffering a lot from poverty .But what is poverty anyway? Let first define poverty so we can have a clear understanding with what are we going to discuss. From a Webster dictionary, poverty means ‘lack of money or material possessions. While from the book of Villegas entitled ‘Guide to Economics for Filipinos’ he stated that poverty or being poor means ‘experiencing a low quality of life deprived of both the material and non material requirements that allow an individual to live like a human being’. According to ‘Addison Wesley Economics’ by Richard M. Hodgetts’ said most of people regard poverty as ‘a condition in which people are unable to buy the minimal amount of food, clothing and shelter that is required for existence’. Over all there are a lot of ways to define poverty, it depends on how the person thinks or how does the person relate it to his life personal experiences. With all our efforts and patience why did we choose this topic? Obviously there are a lot more economic problems or short comings could be discussed and in fact lot easier, but our group tend to dig the deepest difficulties face by the Filipinos now a day, we fell with the same root. That is poverty, bottom line we choose this status quo to begin with our research because it is significant in relation to current issues in society. It is very obvious in our bare wide eyes and far cry conscience. To start with we tried to do face to face survey, observation, documentation and research with the best of our skills. We tried to focus our investigation in the most vital issues. Let’s look at three concepts of poverty: first relative poverty, second absolute poverty and last poverty according to the perception of the people themselves. Relative poverty pertains to those whose income or consumption share is at the bottom 4500 or the population. Absolute poverty measures the capacity to meet specific minimum needs. This refers to the commonly used phrase “poverty lines”. And the last type measures poverty according to perceived minimum needs the satisfaction of which would make a family consider itself as being non-poor. We based our research more on the second and third concept. The threshold Family income is the level of incomes that provides at least the minimum requirements consistent with the dignity of the workers and his family as human beings. It is above what needed for mere survival and should therefore provide enough food, clothing, shelter, education, health and personal care, security savings for emergencies, savings for unemployment and old age, and eventually, something a man can call his own, a piece of property. In this topic we tried to cultivate the main reason or roots of poverty. We tried to witness the undying agony of the poor. We tried to listen with their long vulgar emotions that pulling them apart from success yet continuously pushing them to the deepest level of poverty line. We tried to analyze the different perception of human beings about their way of living. We tried to emphasize the causes and effect of poverty. Less that we could do we tried to give some ways how to eliminate poverty. What are the things we could do to neither have a better living nor somehow eliminate poverty? But the biggest question left unanswered. Can we still eliminate poverty? Was there a chance for survival? Most of all the huge echo that stroke us left...
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