What Are the Alternatives to the Western Conception of the Nuclear Family

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What are the alternatives to the western conception of the Nuclear family?

The nuclear family is well known conception within the Western world. It consists of 2 adults and 2.4 children. There are many supporters of this traditional family construction, and there are many with contrasting arguments who disagree.

An alternative to the nuclear family in the west is the extended family. It consists of the traditional nuclear family and added relations such as an aunt, or cousin. The been-pole family is a sub-category of the extended family and it consists of 3 generations living in the same household who are directly related through blood or marriage, for example a grandmother, mother and child. This type of family is found all over the world and has recently risen in the west.

The single parent family consists of one parent and their child or children. This could be caused by divorce, death, separation or sexual prescurity. In the olden days these family types were looked down on and seen as something o be pitied, this is because of the causes. If someone had lost a partner through death they were to be pitied. If they were a lone parent family because of divorce or separation they were looked down on because they were not the social norm and if it was a woman, they were defying the patriarchal society structure. If they were a single parent family due to sexual prescurity, they were seen as the bottom of society. Now, however, single parent families have increased. This may be because the number of monogamous relationships have decreased leading to increased rates of divorce and separation. This could be because society has become less patriarchal and women are free to leave relationships they are not comfortable in. Also the amount of sexual prescurity has also increased leading to higher single parent families from that cause. In today’s society the single parent family is another alternative to the nuclear family,

The Gay/Lesbian family is a family...
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