What Are the Aims of Academic Study and How Can They Be Achieved?

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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What Are the Aims of Academic Study and How They Can Achieve?

Education is considered one of the important factors to accomplish the development in today society. The most significant part in education is academic study. It will open up the windows of opportunities and will help you as an individual. Therefore, there are several purposes for undertaking academic study such as skill for career purposes, gain knowledge, or intellectually immolating as well as the possible methods to achieve them.

The aims of academic study can be related to various aspects. First of all, academic study can help students to achieve skill which make them full prepared for work in particular field. For instance, a student who studies in computer science will be a specialist employment in the software firm and deal with multimedia production and IT equipment. Moreover, it helps to find a way to explore, address, and express academic issues. Another aim is it enables members of a community to exchange ideas which promotes the mind to develop further, and cooperation between different members of world society.

In addition, a first idea for improving academic study is to reduce class-side. Student in a small class will have more chances to use the equipment and resources than in a big one. This not only allows the teacher to have time to examine student’s homework carefully, but also encourages more discussion for different themes in class. Furthermore, teaching methods are key roles in education. Teachers should not too strict or rigid, but they should gives students rights and chances to be chosen to lead lessons. There are also necessities for teachers spending time exchanging opinion with student after class or by extracurricular activities like festival and excursions.
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