What Are the Advantages of Jpepa?

Topics: Photosynthesis, Oxygen, Food chain Pages: 3 (574 words) Published: November 29, 2012
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I. Write the letter of the correct answer.
_____1. Why plants called producers? They _____________.
a. Consume food
b. Make their own food
c. Provide food for other organisms
d. All of the above
______ 2. Why animals called consumers? They ______________. a. Do not eat plants
b. Produce their own food
c. Depend on other plants food
d. Depend on plants for protection
______ 3. Which of the following can cause dead plants and animals to decay and turn into useful substances? a. Mosses
b. Producers
c. Consumers
d. Decomposers
______ 4. Which of these materials is NOT needed during photosynthesis? a. Carbon dioxide
b. Water
c. Sunlight
d. Oxygen
_______ 5. The transfer of food energy from the producers to a series of consumer is called a. Food web
b. Food chain
c. Food cycle
d. All of the above
________ 6. Plant gives off______ which animals and human beings breathe in order to live. a. Carbon dioxide
b. Oxygen
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Hydrogen
________ 7.What activity can disturb the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle in an aquarium? a. Placing enough amount of water.
b. Placing equal amount of plants and fishes.
c. Putting too many fishes with small amount of plants.
d. Placing the aquarium in a place where there is enough sunlight. ________ 8. Which is the correct sequence of organisms in a food chain? a.Rice grain chick hawk decomposers b. Chick hawk rice grains decomposers c. Hawk rice grains decomposers chicks

d. Rice grains decomposers chick hawk ________ 9. What does a food web show? It shows
a. A series of food links
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