What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages for Individuals and Society of the Reliance on Communicating Via Computers

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  • Published : August 19, 2013
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What are the advantages and disadvantages for individuals and society of the reliance on communicating via computers? (Discussion Essay)


In today’s world, communication is one of the key elements that people across the world can connect with one another. The rise of the use of computer has been due to technological advancements such as the creation of email and websites such as Facebook and Twitter. A touch of the mouse can instantly connect one person from one side of the world to another person on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. However, this fast form of communication eliminates certain security measures such as knowing who the other person is on the other side of the screen. This essay will explain how the world today relies on communication via computers.


This essay will focus on the advantages for individuals and society of the reliance on communicating via computers. The internet is great starting point to start my research as it is easily accessible. The library will be used to extract some information from past literature. My last source will be used by interviewing one person just to gather their views on the reliance on communications via the computer. When you compare the advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of using a computer for communication seems to make communication easier. But there is literature and sources that supports the idea that users of computers should be careful when using this method. Therefore, computers make communication easier in compared to older forms of communications but users must beware as it is not always safe.

The rise of the use of computers in our everyday lives has advanced and more and more people nowadays are becoming more reliant on computer usages. According to Amazone.com, these are some of the advantages for usages of a computer. “1. Gain knowledge, 2. Useful, 3. On the move, and have to buy one”. These are just some of the advantages that...