What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Away from Home to Freshmen Students?

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To many students coming from distant provinces, the experience of living away from home may be one of the best parts in their university life. This can be really unforgettable and exciting, and at the same time, it has a very important effect on students’ life, especially freshmen, as for many of whom, this is their first time living so far away from home in such a long period.

The major, and also a very common, problem that students have to face is that once we start a regular life away from home, we always get homesick. Missing our family and the attention they paid to us is a very usual thing to do. We can even miss little moments that we share with our family, such as sitting together in a couch watching TV shows, or telling your parents about your school day during family meals, and coming home from schools, greeting your parents, “Mom, Dad, I’m home!”. Besides, we often miss all the facilities we used to have back at home, like our bedrooms, our beloved bed, our stuffed animals, and even our bathrooms. As a result, we start to realize how valuable our family are, and appreciate everything we had back where we used to belong.

What’s more, once we live far away from home, we have to learn how to do things by ourselves. Say goodbye to the carefree life, and step into a life full of duties. Now we have to worry about every aspects of our life, from bigger ones such as balancing our budget, making ends meet, to smaller tasks like cleaning our rooms, doing our washing up, or cooking our own meals, and learning to get around by buses.

However, this gives us a new feeling of independence. Many of us have been craving for freedom even since highschool years. After all those times being in the control of over – protective parents, now we can get away from all the bindings, and, in some way, stretch our wings.

More importantly, living far away from home can teach us the invaluable lesson of living in harmony with other people. We learn to live with many...
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