What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Cosmetic Products Through Door-to-Door Selling, Specialty Stores, Department Store Counters, and Supermarkets and Hypermarkets?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling cosmetic products through door-to-door selling, specialty stores, department store counters, and supermarkets and hypermarkets?

Door-to door selling
The advantage of using door-to door selling is the salesperson can make initiative to go around door-to door to persuade customers to buy the cosmetic products instead of waiting the customers to visit your shop. The company is able to save money for setting up a visible shop which usually costs a lot. Besides, there is no need to take attention on the design and decoration of the shop and display of goods. Sometimes, the customers really have no intention to buy the products, but due to continuous persuasion of the salesperson, they buy it in the end. Using door-to door selling method has a great potential to earn unlimited revenues. It is also considered convenient to customer as products are delivered directly to them. Salesperson can explain the functions of the cosmetic products and recommend what is suitable for the customer face-to face and one-by one. This is typically vital in sales of cosmetic products as each person suits different kind of cosmetic products and customers will have lots of question to ask the salesperson. It is important to provide good services to customers in door-to door selling. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of using door-to door method to sell cosmetic products. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, customers might have lots of questions about the cosmetic products and cause time consuming. Especially for cosmetic products, for those who have been using, they will be loyalty to particular brand and will not change dramatically which appears to be risky as they do not know whether the new brand suits them even you kept on persuading them. It is difficult to provide consistent good quality of services. Besides, it is also difficult to employ and retain salesperson due to the unattractive working conditions....
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