What Are the 5 Things You Can’t Live Without....

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I'm shocked when i got this title..huhu..
This title will expose my implicit things..
SECRET actually..
but this is a task from my beloved laecturer..=),..so..no wonder.~~

MY 1st thing that i can't live without is

Air-hehe..is it secret to me?absolutely yes!air is important source that had been given by god to us without take any charge from using it everysecond... for sure,most of us does't appreciate the air because we can't look using our eyes and just inhale and exhale it for free.. Thankful for god,we still can live with it.


Nowadays,we live in sophisticated world.This is an odd list i know but i was confused.why??To me money is important because we can afford any of those things, so 'MONEY'can be assume? if so ,'MONEY'would be..?my lovely GIRLFREND.ops~..FAMILY actually..=P....


My stylish Handphone...U10I(AINO)
this is special eddition i think so..:P
everywhere and everytime it always in my pocket,,but must aware and make it from 'jurulatih'when there are spotcheck... haha.~


Truely i'm tell that my lappy is an exclusive in market..
the maroon colour was adorable everyone in my class especially mohd noradri...don't blinded by jealousy okei..just kidding

5th and the last thing is.

I think my watch is also the impotant thing because it has many uses for me...

Firstly,absolutely it has a prayer compass that i can use it when have a military training that need us to survive in the jungle like training at 'KEM KONKOI' secondly,it will 'beep'when were in the prayer time.so it will alert when i want to fulfill my obligation as a MUSLIM.. lastly.this watch has compass..it can be set to north,east,west and south..

there are my FIVE things that i cannot live without...
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