What Are the 3 Characteristics of Well-Written Goals

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March 26, 2011

No matter where you are on the globe there are organizations and organizational structures. Within these structures are management systems. Management is a critical part of any organization. Managers are also a key to the whole management system. Managers help things run smoothly in an organization. In this paper I intend to show the importance of management functions and management roles. The type of experience I am looking for in a candidate is one that has the characteristics of a leader. I need to find a person that can motivate the employees and can lead by example. They also must be able to handle any conflicts that arise within the organization. I need to find someone that has good interpersonal skills, one that can deal with behavior issue when they arise. I will need someone that can define the establish goal and plan very well (Robbins, Coulter). This person must be good at organizing task and organizing people, some one that knows what need to be done and how to do it. Also we need someone that can control and monitor activities and assure that they get done (Robbins, Coulter). Someone that is good at collecting; receiving and disseminating information will be a plus. The right person must have the technical skills needed for our service division. They must have the human skills to work individually or in a group setting. This is important because we need to work as a team yet also they need to be able to handle some task alone. The right person for the job must be able to think and to conceptualize in both abstract and complex situation (Robbins, Coulter). We also need someone that is not afraid to think on their feet. When problems arise we need that person to be there ready with solutions and give advice to our employees during critical moments. If we find someone one with these overall...
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