What Are Some Tips for Saving Money?

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What Are Some Tips for Saving Money?

By | August 2012
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Juandria McDonaldMcDonald 1
September 6, 2010
My Greatest Fear
Have you ever wondered what life would bring? I always thought it would be rough being an adult in this society. My greatest fear, as a child, was facing reality. Growing up in this world with out a father or a mother what I feared the most . I seen how some of my friends and relatives grew up without a mother and a father. I did not believe I could make it in life without my parents.

I would never know how it feels to not have parents as a child, but I understand others that talk about it. I feared it so much because I have had friends talk about their mother or fathers were not around. I mean not having your parents around to help you get through life itself is fearful. I understand them more now because I imagined if I didn’t have them around to comfort me when I was hurt, talk to me when I was sad, discipline me when I did something wrong, or even teach me how to get through life ups and downs.

Life is not promise to anyone. Life is also short. I am thankful because reality is a wake up call for me. While being younger I never realized that my parents had so much to deal with. With out my parents I wouldn’t be here today or will I be able to live the type of lifestyle that I’m living. I’m not perfect but I feel that I am truly blessed to have parents. My parents are with me to this day. They have taught me to crawl, walk, talk, listen, respect, understand, comprehend, and most of all be a young lady.

Through life I have messed up with my parents when I have done something wrong. Some of the things I wish I could change, but now that I am older I feel bad that I did not obey. Most people should cherish their parents because they are not always promised. I look at how my friends treat their parents. They back talk them and do things around them they should not. The first thing they say, “my mom do not care” and I respond “it does not matter if they mind...

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