What Are Some of the Ways Groups of People Are Identified?

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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What are some of the ways groups of people are identified?

There are many ways a group of people can be identified are race, ethnicity, religion and gender. also Within these four groups there are five distinctiveness that they all have that make them fall into a minority group. Those five characteristics are one-sided treatment, unique physical or cultural traits, i unintentional membership, awareness of subordination, and in-group marriage.

The racial group is a group of folks that are set apart because of noticeable physical differences. Here in this country, there are examples of these groups which includes Blacks, Native Americans, Arab American, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans and other Asian people.

The ethnic group is a group of human beings who t are set apart because of their starting point in life and their cultural. Cultural behavior that originate from their homelands or from being banned from becoming part of society are what make this group unique. Race is not determined in the ethnic group, since it embrace “white” folks such as Irish Americans, Polish American and Norwegians Americans. It also consist of Hispanics or Latinos who could be thought of as either Black or White.

The irreverent groups are individuals that adulate faiths other than the more central faith of Christianity. The majority of people of the dominate group often get the wrong idea and stigmatize other religions. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims Amish, and Buddhists are examples of these religious groups. such as THE CHURCH OF BIBLE UNDERSTANDING (FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE FOREVER FAMILY) IS A DESTRUCTIVE CULT STARTED IN 1971 BY FORMER ATHEIST AND VACUUM REPAIRMAN STEWART TRAILL IN ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA. THE CULT TARGETED TEENS AS YOUNG AS 13 BY DRAWING ON THEIR WEAKNESSES. THROUGHOUT THE 1970S, THE CULT EXPANDED TO MANY OTHER PARTS OF THE UNITED STATES. ANOTHER CULT THAT APPEARED IN1969, ON AUGUST 8, MANSON TOLD FAMILY MEMBERS...
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