What Are Some of the Major Challenges Facing Health Care Today Versus Historical Trends

Topics: Health care, Computer, Medical classification Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Phase 3 Individual Project, HIT 103-1004A-17

Role Playing and its Requirements’

Brandi Raska

October 22, 2010

(I chose Medical Coding Specialist that is my specific Career choice. That is my major study)

Medical Coding Specialist:

Responsibilities; to correctly code health care claims in order to obtain reimbursement from insurance companies and government health care programs (Medicare, Medicaid). Depending on the type of employer, medical coders may specialize by department or disease, or even supervise medical clerks and transcriptionists. The health care professionals who manage these records have many titles - health information coder, medical coding specialists, coding specialists or health information technician.

Job Descriptions: Work in hospitals, clinics, and physician offices. They use special medical classification software (to assign procedure and diagnosis codes for billing.) Coders also review claims to ensure assigned codes meet legal and insurance rules and have proper signatures in place prior to submission. Regular duties include but not limited to: • Checking medical charts for accuracy and completion

• Verifying signatures
• Verifying medical data in computers
• Clarifying information or diagnosis by communicating with healthcare providers • Utilizing computer software to analyze data
Recommended Education for Medical Coding Specialist: Medical coding specialist generally require a completion of a two year program leading to an Associate Degree. (In financial coding, health information technology or other closely related fields. Typical course work includes a class in medical terminology, basic and advanced ICD-9-CM coding, anatomy, physiology, computer data entry, and medical law, privacy and ethics....
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