What Are Some Issues Managers Face When Leading a Diverse Workforce? How Can He/She Overcome These Issues?

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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What are some issues managers face when leading a diverse workforce? How can he/she overcome these issues?

Most people, when they think of diversity they will automatically gravitate to the common four, which are race, creed, color and religion. However diversity takes on many different forms such as married or single, parents or single parent, educated or not, or even veteran or never served. So to go beyond the common four one would have to think we are always encountering diversity when we are out in the public. Everyone has the stereotyped stories about walking into 7-11 and finding the persons from India or some form of Muslim background

Believe it or not, we face diversity as soon as we go into the public. We run into people from different countries, religions, beliefs and color. So to put that as a topic of a problem, in my opinion, is way over stated. Only ignorance can cause problems when dealing with diversities. I have to believe that we as a country have swung the pendulum too far in the sensitive direction that we make it almost impossible to function. I have to believe that if everyone treats everyone with respect then it’s really not a problem. On that same note; if someone is offended by someone then it’s absolutely up to that person to say something in private to that person and give them the chance to learn that what they have said or done has offended someone else.

So managers need to be aware of diversity and also provide some guidance for the ignorant employees that may simply not know any better. So the bottom line, educating your people to be aware that not everyone grows from the same tree or has the same beliefs and I have to believe that it will work itself out.  

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