What Are Some Important Qualities of a Good Supervisor (Boss)?

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Recently, many reports reveal that the relationship between the boss and staff is not good. They seldom talk to one another. Most of the staff say that their bosses are bad tempered and their boss always scold them without reasons. Thus, they are unwilling to communicate with their boss. How can the situation be improved? The boss should improve themselves and to have a good quality. In this essay, I am going to state three qualities that are important for being a good boss.

A good boss should have good-mannered. When the staff have done something wrong, the boss should not scold them at once. He/she should give their staff chances to improve. If the staff still doesn’t improve it, he/she may give them some warnings, rather than scolding them. Sometimes, scolding them would have an adverse effect. They will be very angry and won’t follow your instructions later. Besides, if the staff are late to the office, the boss should listen to their explanations. Sometimes, there may be a traffic accident and will cause serious traffic congestion.

Moreover, the boss should be considerate. He/she should not always ask the staff to work overtime. The staff are already very tired after a long day of work and they don’t have much energy to work for extra hours. If they still continue to work, they can’t easily concentrate and the work efficiency is much lowered. They may also make many mistakes while they are working. The boss should not always ask them to go back to the office when they are having holidays as they have to restore their energy after working for a whole week. In addition, if the staff have to work on some kind of projects, the boss should not force them to finish them in a short period of time. He/she should give sufficient time to them to work on it, otherwise the staff may finish the projects .

Apart from being considerate, the boss should be fair to all staff. He/she should not be partial to someone. It is very unfair to the other staff. They...
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