What Are Most Serious Negative Effects of Eating Fast Food?

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Topic: In your opinion, what are most serious negative effects of eating fast food? Be sure to include details to support your response.

In our society, many people often go to a fast food restauranent, such as Burger King, Mcdonald’s, or Five Guys. They normally eat fast food in these places, and they enjoy it very much. Eating fast food is convenient, but it could be harmful to people. Fast food contains harmful ingredients, so it affects people very badly. I hope to persuade the reader that fast food affects people in negative ways by causing obesity, social problems, and serious diseases. Eating for wellness is important to people, so we should pay attention to eat fast food.

Social problems are another negative result of eating too often in fast food restaurants. Most fast food kitchens produce all fast food in a minute. I believe that fast food makes people angry, so they become impatient and irritated. These characteristics influence people’s social communication.

The last but most negative effect of eating fast food is having serious diseases, such as, diabetes and cancer. All fast food contains a lot of harmful ingredients, and these ingredients are cause people to lose their physical health. Sodium is a needed ingredient for people, but it can affect a person’s body very badly. Most fast food has too much sodium, fat and sugar even though some fast food restaurants mention that they reduce calories and sodium. People should avoid eating fast food too much because they need to protect their health.

In conclusion, many people to eat fast food in their daily lives because it is convenient and flavorful. Nevertheless, most fast food contains harmful ingredients, so people can easily suffer from serious negative consequences. When people eat fast food as much as they want, they may experience bad effects, such as weight gain and social problems. On the other hand, the most negative effect is getting serious diseases, as diabetes or cancers because...
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