What Are Michael Vick’s Strengths and Weaknesses as a Quarterback

Topics: National Football League, Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 4, 2012
While on the Philadelphia Eagles team, quarterback Michael Vick has done really well with leading his team to the NFC East Title, throwing passes for large amounts of yards, running for large yard gains, and completed many passes. Despite those positive traits, Vick tends to struggle with his amount of touchdown passes he is able to throw in a game, passes thrown that result in interceptions, fumbles, and turnovers. Additionally, he is also known for being injury-prone. For these reasons, Michael Vick is overrated as a quarterback and not overly beneficial to the Eagles’ success. Michael Vick does make some positive contributions to the Philadelphia Eagles’ success. According to the article “Reid: Vick’s job in jeopardy,” the Philadelphia Eagles are 9-9 in games Vick’s has started in since he led them to the NFC East title by bringing them back from a 21-point deficit with 8:17 remaining to beat the Giants 38-31 on December 19, 2010 (D1). While beating the New York Giants, Vick had thrown about 108 yards and had run at least four times to get 94 yards. He had finished that game with a total of 242 yards passing 130 more rushing. These positive contributions, however, are outweighed by his shortcomings as a quarterback. According to the article, “Reid: Vick’s job not in jeopardy” in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, “Over all his last 18 starts, Vick has 23 TD [touchdown] passes, 22 interceptions, nine lost fumbles with a passer rating of 80.1 and a 58.5 completion percentage” (D4). During the September 23rd game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Eagles had 12 turn overs, in which Michael Vick had caused 9. Along with his turnovers, he completed 55.2 percent of his passes for 905 yards and three touch downs. Additionally, one out of his three touchdowns he had 94 yards. Also during that game, Vick had thrown about 6 interceptions and lost 3 fumbles. It’s been said on several sports channels that Michael’s passer rating of 66.3 has been the 4th...
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