What Are Genetically Modified Foods?

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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What are Genetically Modified Foods?
Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) are organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally (man made). The process is called “modern biotechnology” or “gene technology”, or “genetic engineering”. These methods are applied to nearly any boxed or package food that you have eaten.

Why do we use them?
GM foods are developed – and marketed – because there is some perceived advantage either to the producer or consumer of these foods. Most advantages of GM foods are business based, not consumer based. Most of the GM foods can be sold at a much lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing When first created, GM foods were to improve crop protection for easier growth and shipping. Now they are used to enhance taste and visual appearance.

Why do we use them?
Virus resistance is achieved through the introduction of a gene from certain viruses which cause disease in plants. Virus resistance makes plants less susceptible to diseases caused by such viruses, resulting in larger manufacturing.

Difference between
“natural” and “ORGANIC”
In the food industry today, there's no official definition of "all natural.“ It means whatever the food companies want it to mean. The government of USA has decided that genetically engineered foods do not need to be labelled. Therefore, American consumers cannot know or choose what they are eating, and they have unwittingly become guinea pigs in a global nutritional experiment driven primarily by political and economic forces.

Difference between
“natural” and “ORGANIC”
Even food certified "organic" may be at risk of becoming clouded by genetically engineered organisms. US-based companies with operations in other parts of the world are finding their policies driven by this US mentality.

Effects of MSG 1

There are contaminants in processed MSG. An analogy that can be used is that there are right-handed amino acids...
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