What Are Effects and Situations of the Students on Board

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Background of the Study
To eat three times a day,is just an innocent situation that a student can do living from home.Students can easily be contented because they know to their self that they are in there comfort zones.Even not a students can state the same reference of action.They know that their’s a family that will give them care,love,finacial needs and of course basic commodities.And settle theirself from the words,”I am here,a place where my heart belongs!”.

Boarding is another way of living.To be separated from the place that a respondent grew up.This kind of way gives a students a great chance of development of skills.Self-reliant is just one of the possible characteristic to be developed when boarding.The student will move without any help and do responsibilities by his own initiations.These factors prove that boarding is a process of change to a student’s life.

All factors are helpful to a student to live.But it will differ from the facts of how will it be used or live in.If a student or respondent lives in a house without care,love,support for finacial needs and basic commodities,self-reliant may be developed too because he will move by his own to support what a respondent needs to have.And if a student or respondent lives on board with a perspective,a student may also get contentment because he knows what he have and what he is aiming for

In advantages,there are also disadvantages.In every cause,there are always an effect.Life at home gives us comfort and contentment because it can suffis what we need.While while in boarding,factors to be concerned may be affected and somehow resolved.In this research the research team will answer all of those questions thru the research entitled,”What are Effects and Situations of the Students on Board”. .

State of the Problem
#In boarding,what are its effects in your ;
#How did the respondents...
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