What Are Effective Writing Principles for Criminal Justice Professionals in Their Respective Communications? How Does This Apply to Courts, Police, and Corrections? What Distinctions May Be Made About the Various

Topics: Psychology, Learning styles, Communication Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Chirstina Johnson


Patrick Sullivan

University of Phoenix

January 17, 2011

Communication and Collaboration Strategy

There are eight learning styles I have evaluated this week, I will speak upon three of them; Verbal-Linguistic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. Verbal-Linguistic helps to analyze our own use of verbal communication, learning, teaching, recalling terms easily, and explaining, using wit, and compelling someone to do something. Interpersonal helps to see things from others standpoints, communicating verbally, and nonverbally and cooperating within a group. Intrapersonal learning technique helps one to recognize self in relation to others, evaluate each way of thinking, and being aware of and expressing feelings.

Communicating within a group with different learning styles can be a challenge like those of logical-mathematic, visual-spatial and bodily-kinesthetic learners. The learning team I am a member of, has various styles of learners who gain knowledge in diverse ways. Communication and collaboration strategies would have to be something that would help the team to achieve the goal that needs to be met to accomplish a team assignment. Some strategies of verbal-linguistic consist of using lists to recall information, the use of tape recording of the spoken and the written word as one so that others can heed, or even make up a song to retain information. Intrapersonal learning tactic would be to reflect on personal meaning of the information. Interpersonal learning strategy would include having group meetings e-mails, telephone, face-to-face, or chat room to discuss information. Even though having diverse techniques of learning styles on my team, team members come across ways to correspond with each other to pull as one to complete a project.

When examining the three different behavior types; the giver, the thinker, and the organizer will have the team ready for any test. The...
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