What Are Arguments for and Against Living Alone?

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Most young adults cannot wait to turn 18 years old to finally be able to move out of their parents’ house and start a life for themselves. While some people join a living community or move in with their boy- or girlfriends, others prefer to live alone. But why would some people rather have an apartment for themselves than share it with others? First of all, living alone brings some quietness with it. The possibility of getting disturbed by other people is very slim. It is especially fitting for people who prefer to do activities that do not request any other companions such as reading, studying and so on. Secondly, while living alone, the chance to get more mature and independent is almost a given. It provides a feeling of being able to take responsibility and the fact that everything has to be done without anyone there to help, makes one realize that they have to take matters into their own hands so everything works. A huge responsibility would also be the money handlings. It is vital to have the ability to control money expenses. On the other hand, it of course has some negatives aspects that should be taken into consideration as well. Despite the fact that it might help people’s individual growth, it is not something that everyone can handle. People who do not like to be accountable for anything are probably not personalities who should live alone. In conclusion, living alone requires much self-reliance, responsibility and control ability when it comes to matters such as money. It is highly suitable for people who like calm atmospheres. It sure is nothing for irresponsible persons and therefore people do need to know themselves well enough to decide if they are capable of taking such a step.
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