What American Colonists Thought About Liberty

Topics: Christianity, First Great Awakening, Christian terms Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: April 22, 2013


American colonists changed their perspective on liberty, through the coming of the Great Awakening. American colonists endured several obstacles in this period. Some were banished from colonies, and others were even killed because of their beliefs. At the end of the Great Awakening, the American colonists prospered, and were awarded the freedom of religion and beliefs. The Great Awakening was a Christian revitalization that swept Europe, and ultimately merged to the Americas. It played a huge role in the way religion was originally perceived. Once the Great Awaking was over, people were given the freedom to choose which religion they wanted to embrace. It began when a group of Puritans lead by John Winthrop came to the Americas in 1629. Their goal was to preach the traditional Christian way, which they have followed for over one thousand years. Once the puritans arrived, the Puritans immediately began to preach their beliefs upon the new colony. Pueblo’s embraced the puritans religion, and were willing to incorporate the puritan’s beliefs with their own. Unfortunately, the puritans only believed in one God, and felt that anyone who thought otherwise would receive eternal damnation. (God In America, A New Adam) In time, some pueblo’s embraced the religion fully, and those who did not, were tortured or killed by the priests. John Winthrop believed that only priests could preach the word of God, and that all Christians embrace their beliefs. Moreover, his outlook on Christianity was that the only way to make it to heaven was to follow the Bible, and live a prosperous life. It was not long before his preaching beliefs were challenged. In 1634, a woman named Ann Hutchinson arrived in the colony. She was an educated woman, and understood the bible as well as any minister. Hutchinson was immediately accepted by most of the colony, and became an asset in many ways. She began with becoming a mentor to all women bearing a child. Hutchinson...
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